I’ve had people ask if I bring any of myself to my heroines. Well, I know what I don’t bring – my tendency to overshare life events, problems and what not.  While I try to use an invisible muzzle on-line, in real life folks, I have no filter. For instance, today Monday May 20th as read more »

When Your Book Releases

There’s nothing quite a like a book release for an author. This is a time of fizzing anticipation, great joy, tremendous angst, intense fear, and piercing despair. Fizzing anticipation that book you’ve worked your fingers to the bone writing then submitting, then editing and re editing, is finally being released (in my case a year read more »

Happy Mother’s Day!

  In my series, The Boys are Back in Town, I have a few moms who are special to my guys. And, to me, nothing is sexier than a guy who treats his mother well. Jackson’s Mom, Dolly, owns the Southern Comfort Diner and people come from all over to have her pie. In honor read more »

Finding your inner romance heroine

Ever wonder what kind of romance heroine YOU would be? Take a moment and think it over. I’ll wait.  If I’m going to be honest, I’d have to say I’m usually the kind that an editor would want strengthened. (Think Mia in Princess Diaries before she found out she was royal.) I don’t like read more »

Trust issues – Michele de Winton

I’m so close to finishing book three in my Indulgence Cruise Series it’s almost painful. One more day should do it, but that day is currently filled with looking after small boys until next Monday. Sigh. Maybe I’ll be able to convince daddy day care that he really wants, no needs, to go to the read more »

There’s something about that hero…

I admit it, I love writing and reading about the stereotypical tall, dark, and handsome hero. I really don’t know why, but I always picture a hero that way in my mind. Is it because I imagine that type of man strong? Or is it just because that’s the type of man I’m most attracted read more »

1.6 million words by Amy Andrews

I cleaned my bookshelf the other day (no, I was not procrastinating). It had been getting messier and messier over the years and I’d just come off 2 deadlines so it was time. As you can see from the pic, this one shelf contains the books I’ve written since I was contracted in 2004. There’s read more »

Author Reviews: Yay or Nay?

  I spent my weekend catching up with writing reviews for books I’ve read – some of them I’d read a while ago but hadn’t really had the time to review. Along the way, this process brought to my mind a conversation I had with a writer friend a couple of weeks ago. She stated read more »

I’ve Got Issues, Man!

When it comes to writing heroes, everyone (well, okay, not everyone, but a LOT of people) loves an alpha. They’re strong, protective, decisive and when they want something they go out an get it. What’s not to love about that?  All heroes in all romances have problems. They have ‘deals’, man!  Issues!  But what if read more »

Winning and, well, taking part

Writing is a funny game sometimes. It’s a job, but it’s also a competition – for readers, for reviews, for attention. And sometimes for actual prizes.  This week the finalists were announced for this year’s RITA awards. These awards are made by the Romance Writers of America for the books judged to be the best read more »