1.6 million words by Amy Andrews

bookshelfI cleaned my bookshelf the other day (no, I was not procrastinating). It had been getting messier and messier over the years and I’d just come off 2 deadlines so it was time.

As you can see from the pic, this one shelf contains the books I’ve written since I was contracted in 2004.

There’s 32 .

I did a quick calculation. 32 x avg. 50 000 words/book = 1.6 million words.


Of course the real figure is probably closer to 2 million. If you count the next 3 books I have coming out this year that I so far don’t have copies of and the two I just handed in. And all the words I’ve deleted over nine years. And my first book – each terrible word of the 50 000. And then there’s the two single titles that are 90k each…..

And people ask me what I’ve been doing these last 9 years?? Peeps, I’ve been busy writing 1.6 million words!!!  

And I’ve loved every single romantic one of them. Even the ones I’ve deleted, even those terrible first book words. Cos they got me where I am today. Doing something I love for readers who love the same thing.

My name is Amy Andrews. I am a romance writer. I believe in HEA’s, love at first sight and long, deep, wet kisses. That might not mean much to some people but I’m damn proud of it.

And I’m going to keep writing words of love and romance and happy sighs. Here’s to 1.6 million more!

24 comments on “1.6 million words by Amy Andrews

  1. Amy, it means a lot to me :) And I bet to everyone who read that post.
    I understand as a writer, but also as a reader. Those characters and their stories live on after the last line has been read. People have cried and laughed and pondered and applauded what those 1.6million words have come to represent. Simply…joy! And don’t we need more of it.
    So here’s to 1.6 million words more!!!!

    • Aww thanks Robbie!
      Sometimes I ponder those words and I just want to go and have a lie down I’m so exhausted :-) But other times its like – hah! I kick writing butt!

      :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  2. WOW that is so impressive Amy, and 32 books plus those others coming. Go you.
    You sure don’t sleep do you. But then i always say, sleep is for sissies, or people who don’t write!

    All the best for the next couple of million words!

    Jane Beckenham

  3. HUGE congrats to you Amy! That’s an awesome number of words and a whole big bunch of gorgeous, emotional and uplifting stories. SO important!!!! I can’t wait to read your next 1.6 million! :)

  4. Amy, congrats on all the wonderful stories built out of those 1.6 million words! And what a fascinating way to look at your body of work. Now as I chip away at my current book I’ll be thinking, ‘There’s one more word for the pile.’ Eventually they will all add up to something. I hope. :)

    • lol Joan – I like that persepctive. Adding words to a pile :-) Especially on those days when the words feel like they’re being surgically extracted!

  5. Amy, fabulous post. And WTG on all those words. And all those amazing books too!

  6. Fabulous, Amy! Here’s to many more eh?? :-)

  7. 1.6 million. Just. Wow.

    Actually, rearranging my bookshelves is possibly my favourite procrastination activity. I had to move my writing chair to face away from the shelves or I’d get distracted by them. Sad, isn’t it?

  8. AA and AA
    Amy Andrews
    Absolutely Amazing!

  9. Wow, Amy, put like that I got goosebumps! What if you count all the words you edited out, the bits you wrote and rewrote, the stories you started but are still lingering as ideas… I need to have a lie down!!!

    Here’s to millions more.

    • YiYou know what I’ve also been thinking Ally – just how many words does a readin adult read in their lifetime? I know I’ve certainly read many more than 32 books!

  10. Wow, what an awesome way to look at the past nine years! *raises glass to toast the next 1.6 million :-)

  11. Way to go AA! And think of all the blurbs, the Facebook and blog posts, tweets, publicity interviews you’ve done! Epic word count! X michele

  12. Congrats on an amazing achievement Amy! Definitely something to be proud of :) And here’s to wishing you luck on the next 1.6 million words!