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I’m so close to finishing book three in my Indulgence Cruise Series it’s almost painful. One more day should do it, but that day is currently filled with looking after small boys until next Monday. Sigh. Maybe I’ll be able to convince daddy day care that he really wants, no needs, to go to the park in the weekend, small boys in hand. In the meantime though, book two, Love Lost and Found is shaping up nicely and is due to release in Fall this year. Woot!

Sometimes as romance writers and readers we wonder whether things are ever going to happen. You know, is he ever going to tell her he loves her, is she ever going to let down her guard. And sometimes when I’m editing I wonder if it’s ever going to end. But if we trust, and leave the work to the characters, or our ninja editors, things come together just nicely.

In Love Lost and Found trust becomes an even bigger deal, because with it being an amnesia story, one character has no measuring stick to work out whether the truth is in the room or not. It’s been an interesting thing to write about, for both characters, and I hope it’s upped the conflict for them both enough that you’ll love watching their particular happy ending unfold, in a somewhat sideways way.

As I was going through some edits, a passage when Felicity decides to take the plunge and let trust win out sprang out and I thought I’d share…as you might be able to tell, things get a whole lot hotter from here!

The sun was at its midday point. It should have left the room flat and over-lit. But as the pink scrap of bikini fabric dropped to the floor, Rick could have sworn the light in the room became warmer. Or maybe it was just the temperature. “So we get to make up now?”

Felicity raised an eyebrow. “Make up?”

“After fighting. I hear it’s the best part.”

Rick watched Felicity’s hand hesitate, before untying one side of her bikini bottom and then the other before it too succumbed to gravity. He took a step towards her but she held up a hand. “If we’re going to get to know each other properly we really should start from the beginning.”

There was a slight uncertainty in her voice. A fragility she hadn’t allowed herself when he’d known her before. She’s decided to trust you.

So, do any of you or the characters you’re reading about at the moment have trust issues? Or is this something you like to have established from the get go, making sure your hero is a bastion of firm values? I’d love to hear what part trust plays in your enjoyment of happy ever afters.


7 comments on “Trust issues – Michele de Winton

  1. Great post, Michele. Lol, you made me think!

    I usually have a thing for making my characters learn to trust themselves, but I do have one character who spent six years loving a man only to discover that she didn’t even know his real name. Her trust issues seem insurmountable, but thankfully fate finds a way to deal with them.

    I hope daddy day care operates over the weekend. :-)

    • Thanks Robyn, yes I hadn’t really analysed who/how I made characters sort out their trust issues till this story. But it’s been fun and maybe will make me clearer or at least more assertive about the who/how in the next ones.

  2. Oh an amnesia story! I love those, Michele!

    The heroine in the story I’m writing at the moment has major trust issues. The hero is an ex soldier so as honourable as they come but she’s a tough nut to crack!

    • Hi Amy,
      Yes I love amnesia stories too but they’ve been seen as so 90′s for so long I’ve hesitated to write one. Luckily my editor (ninja) was willing to let this one into the world. No 90′s stonewashed in sight (although that’s totally back in fashion now of course, stonewashed jeans all the way!)
      X Michele

  3. I love, love, love amnesia stories. At least…I think I do. ; ) No, seriously, that is my very favorite trope of all time. I just finished a story with a character with trust issues….mostly because she finds out the guy she’s known for four months and she’s falling in love with is a psychic pusher who’s been manipulating everyone around her. You know…as you do… I can’t wait for your book to come out!

    • Ah Wendy what fine taste you have. There are all these women I talk to who say they love amnesia stories so I’m stoked to have taken the plunge and given writing one a go. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I guess the thing is all about whether I’ve managed to make their world believable or not!
      A psychic pusher?! Holy! Cant wait to read that one. Sheesh, sounds like that would have been FUN to write.

  4. Ditto on loving amnesia stories! And I really enjoyed that excerpt…that last line was so simple and yet really grabbed me.
    My WIP revolves around the heroine *needing* to trust the hero right off the bat. They both have values – just different ones!