Finding your inner romance heroine

shutterstock_52826209Ever wonder what kind of romance heroine YOU would be? Take a moment and think it over. I’ll wait. :-)

If I’m going to be honest, I’d have to say I’m usually the kind that an editor would want strengthened. (Think Mia in Princess Diaries before she found out she was royal.) I don’t like conflict, I almost never speak my mind and I’d rather drive myself insane looking for the good in someone than believe they’re all bad. But guess what?

Drum roll…

I’m having the sort of week that would test any romance heroine, even a kick ass one, and so far it hasn’t beaten me. I’m stoked about that last part, but the point I’m trying to highlight is that every woman has the potential to be the heroine in her own life. We don’t always take up that challenge, and sometimes we rock it more than others, but that role is permanently reserved for each of us whenever we wish to make use of it.

If you get a chance to do something romance-heroine-worthy… I hope you’ll grab it and make the most of it. Be the puppet master, step into the spotlight or accept that challenge. You might surprise yourself by discovering a hidden talent.


~ Robyn

9 comments on “Finding your inner romance heroine

  1. Hope your week gets better and you discover you have way more kick ass than killing with kindness in you yet.
    x Michele de Winton

    • Thanks Michele! I’ll acquire another year of wisdom before the week’s out so that might give me some more kick ass abilities. (either that or more grey hair) :-)

  2. Great post, Robyn!

    I’ve never really thought about what sort of romance heroine I’d be but I suspect the one who has quite a big character arc! I tend to write pretty strong heroines and that can be tricky ’cause they can come across as too hard or too closed compared to my heroes.

    I LOVE your comment that every woman has the capacity to be a heroine in her own life.

    • Hi Barb, I find it so interesting that strong women can be perceived as hard or closed off yet we admire them at the same time.

      I love that you’d be a heroine with a big character arc. Why not when you’re the lead character in your (life) story.

  3. You’re always kick-ass, m’dear. Hugs on the week. :-)

  4. Hmmm, why is it strong men are so often depicted in books and media as heroes and a strong women are bitches???? hate that :-/

    Like Barb I’ve never thought about what kind of romance heroine I am but thinking about it now I think I’m the capable, pragmatic get-things-done heroine whose too busy getting on with things she doesn’t notice the gorgeous Clooney-esque hunk who wants her baaaad!
    Well, that’s my fantasy anyway :-)

    • admin on said:

      Great fantasy :-)

      I wonder if we’re harder on heroines than heroes because there’s an element of comparison between them and ourselves? I think that we value different kinds of strength based on personal experience and it can be tricky to ‘please everyone.’

  5. Interesting post. Definitely made me stop and think…and what I discovered is that the type of heroine I’d be would depend on my mood of the day. lol There are days I’m full of confidence and strength and seem able to get anything done. I don’t let others get me down, don’t take it personally, and definitely stand up for what I believe. Then I have those days where I’ve been bitten by the doubt bug I pretty much stay behind the scenes.