I’ve had people ask if I bring any of myself to my heroines. Well, I know what I don’t bring – my tendency to overshare life events, problems and what not.  While I try to use an invisible muzzle on-line, in real life folks, I have no filter.

For instance, today Monday May 20th as you read this quirky post, I’ll be going in to the three hour glucose test and draw blood three times to make sure my sugar levels are okay. If you asked one (or two) cashiers at my local grocery store, my mailman, the mothers from my daughter’s preschool, and possibly the old gentleman I met at the park yesterday, they will all confirm it. Oh, wait. The old gentleman might not, just because he seemed a little hard of hearing. Or perhaps he was just pretending. That’s what you get when you ask an overly emotional pregnant lady how she’s doing.

So. Yeah. If any of my heroines chattered on in paper the way  I do in life, it would be the quickest read ever – you’d know their conflict, childhood traumas and M.O. in the first paragraph. Probably the hero’s as well. I’m sure they’d find a way to coax it out of them in no time.

How about you? Is there a special (yeah let’s use that word) thing about yourself you’d NOT wish for a heroine to have?

6 comments on “Oversharing

  1. Bahaha, I’m with you on the overemotional pregnant lady oversharing. Luckily I have a group of pregnant lady friends who “share” the load. For my heroines I think I’d like them to not be quite so demanding. Yes, according to my husband I am very demanding. Or maybe thats the overemotional pregnant lady speaking.
    Hope your tests went well Carmen!
    x Michele

    • Hi, Michele!

      It’s funny, husbands get overwhelmed just listening to half of the stuff we pregnant ladies go through. They have no idea how good they have it… ;)

      The tests went well, thanks so much for asking! Phew.

  2. “Is there a special (yeah let’s use that word) thing about yourself you’d NOT wish for a heroine to have?”
    My body. But seriously, I can definitely relate to the oversharing trait, but I’d also have to add my insecurities. I sometimes have the emotional maturity of a thirteen-year-old girl. Don’t think readers would get behind such a heroine.

  3. Ann Cameron on said:

    Great post!